Whereas the World has gone through a lot of pain due to COVID 19 pandemic in the last two years 2020/2021, but hope is slowly being restored among the population through various innovations by mankind.
In the Education sector, the Association of Christian Schools International (Uganda) is bringing hope among the private schools in the Country which were devastated by the pandemic.
The role of the Association is to strengthen Christian Schools and equip the educators Worldwide as they prepare students academically and inspire them to become devoted followers of Jesus Christ and cause transformation to Mankind.
Our Membership is open to all interested schools Globally the Association has 25,000 members of Christian Schools World Wide, with a student membership of 5.5 million. It has offices doted in 106 Countries with their headquarters at Colorado Springs in the United States of America (USA).

ACSI Uganda is properly registered. It offers awareness creation and training, advocacy, Curriculum support, School leadership and Professional development. This is done through conferences, seminars, school visits and meetings with school Leaders and administrators Country Wide.

The Association of Christian Schools International (Uganda) is an association that supports Christian schools in Uganda.
The association has 25,000+ Christian schools worldwide, that includes 5, 5 million students globally. We have offices in 106 countries and our Head Office is in Colorado Springs, in the USA. In Uganda ACSI is a registered Non-Profit Company: and are thus governed by a Board of Directors.
Our main responsibility towards schools is the engagement with government, curriculum, professional development, student leadership.

ACSI hosts regular conferences, seminars and other professional development opportunities in: School Leadership, School Board Members training (Policy model of Governance), Board assessments, Spiritual Formation Assessments, Conferences and enablers for educators and learners. ACSI gives Christian Schools, and organisations of like mind, who are serious about authentic Christian Education, the opportunity to partner with us, in offering effective, excellent education and through that bring salvation and Kingdom understanding to the young generation, so that they will be able to make a difference in our country for Christ, on every level of life.

In ACSI, we continue to be committed to the mission of partnering with our member schools, however, we are refocusing our efforts into a more assertive and aggressive strategy of developing the leadership of Christian Schools. Our plan is to enable and strengthen Christian educators and our member schools by emphasizing a four-pronged initiative or as we have chosen to name it our

These four areas have become a major focus of our time and energy in determining how we can best serve our schools and lead them toward effectiveness or moving them from good-to-great.
In carrying out the mission of the Association of Christian Schools International in the global context it is our intent;

• To lead Christ-centered education toward excellence and flourishing
• To make Christ-centered education available and obtainable
• To promote and protect Christ-centered education for today and tomorrow

Resulting into the following;
• ACSI Member schools are effective and schools of choice
• Christians view Christian Schooling as essential.
• The general public recognises the positive contribution that Christian schools make to their community and nation.
• ACSI is recognized as a viable and authoritative voice regarding education.

At ACSI, everything we do starts with this belief: In Christ, we are stronger together. It’s the foundation of our mission to unite, equip, and strengthen Christian schools worldwide. That includes your school.
Your partnership is essential to this work because:
• We’re stronger together as you’re connected to a global network of like-minded schools and educators sharing ideas, innovation, and inspiration.
• We’re stronger together as ACSI experts equip you with the resources and services you need to lead and grow every part of your school, both inside and outside the classroom.

We are stronger together as we bring together proven methods and best practices in education with a biblical world view, ensuring high academic standards and a commitment to Christian principles
Like you, we’re passionate about preparing students academically and building them spiritually
Join us.

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